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14 responses to “SIGN THE PETITION

  1. No Walmart where there is already too much stuff!

  2. Kathleen O'Brien

    There is a Walmart within 4 milesin Avondale- seriously, this isn’t close enough. The intersection is all ready dangerous enough- the neighborhood cannot accommodate any more cut-through traffic (I was very active in speed bump installation)- there is an ER nearby and Fire Station that has difficulty enough in maneuvering emergency vehicles, not to mention artery to emergency at Egleston- the neighborhood needs a grocery, a pizza parlor, ANYTHING but a cheesy Walmart. Sorry, job opportunity not that great when you consider the low wages and imported merchandise. SAY NO TO WALMART!!!! Selig needs to get out of bed with Walmart- go ask Athens-Clarke County!!

  3. NO walmart please, there is one on Memorial drive right around the corner

  4. Caitlin Dooley

    There are so many other shops that would do very well…

  5. dave ashbaugh

    stop wal-mart.

  6. dave ashbaugh

    I have lived in decatur, ga 30030 for over 30 years without wal-mart and I do not want to continue to live here with a wal-mart. decatur is a delicate community with alot of old business here that wal-mart would destory. the only thing wal-mart would bring to decatur is crime and traffic problems which we don’t need.

  7. There are actually two E.R.’s nearby, so that is double the emergency traffic. The demographics will change if WalMart succeeds, making the area more dangerous than it already it is, causing property values to decline, it will suck patronage away from the local businesses in downtown decatur and as we have already said, it will cause traffic become much worse. If WalMart does succeed I will move out of the area myself.

  8. Steve Mclaughlin

    Seriously, is this the kind of neighbor we want in Decatur?
    Vast Mexico Bribery Case Hushed Up by Wal-Mart After Top-Level Struggle

  9. Thanks for the comment — I am going to post it on Facebook too.

  10. We specifically moved to the Decatur area to GET AWAY from the Walmarts of the world. Now they want to build it literally in my back yard. We just bought our house 2 years ago – I don’t know what we will do if they move in.

  11. Chris Tripp

    Down with Walmarts everywhere.

  12. Bonnie Carter

    Please please don’t degrade our community by allowing Walmart to build in Suburban Plaza. We have lived here for 27 years and have always valued the local energy and esthetic. This will ruin our property values and destroy a vibrant downtown Decatur! Keep ’email outside the perimeter, please. Imagine how horrible the traffic will be. None of our streets are adequate to support this!

  13. I cant believe what I’m reading in these post? I am not sure who told all of you that Walmart was some big scary giant but they are not. They bring jobs they pay taxes and they boost the economy I guess all of you on here are to set in your ways to see any of that

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