Rock to Stop Walmart September 29

Our benefit concert was a tremendous success. We had a phenomenal lineup of performers, a highly successful silent auction and raised very close to our monetary goal of $7,000. A comment that sums up the evening: “What an energetic gathering of good spirits!”

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Meeting with Selig July 12

From Good Growth DeKalb’s press conference on July 13, 2012:

Good Growth DeKalb met with Selig Enterprises yesterday hoping to find common ground on the Suburban Plaza development. Speaking through their lawyer, Selig made it clear from the beginning that there was nothing to discuss about Walmart: “That is not going to change or go away.”

We presented the voice of the people in the community: petitions signed by more than 3,000 people against the Walmart proposal and we cited the 500+ Stop Walmart signs that are all over the neighborhoods, as well as our survey with 75 percent of responses opposed to Walmart.

Again, Selig’s attorney repeated that they would not discuss Walmart. Very simply, the deal with Walmart provides the financial base for Selig to bring in junior anchor stores, such as LA Fitness, Michaels, and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Thus, the gateway to Decatur becomes another mall filled with chain stores. It seems there would be little interest in small local businesses or mixed use that would follow the precedent set so successfully in downtown Decatur – just lots of chain stores.

The bowling alley will stay. The theatre has been supported by Selig in the past, but it will have to go unless space can be created somewhere else in the center. Perhaps there would be a restaurant with a patio and a coffee shop.

It seems, at this point, finding a legal course to pursue is the only alternative to stop this Walmart.

– Betty Blondeau
One of seven members of Good Growth DeKalb who met with Selig

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Spring & Fall Festivals

Good Growth DeKalb had a table at several spring and fall festivals, where people dropped by to learn more about the group, signed the petition, contributed their ideas for a better vision for Suburban Plaza,  picked up yard signs and buttons and more.

ENCORE PRESENTATION of the documentary film Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price March 18

Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price is the documentary film sensation that’s changing the largest company on earth. The film features the deeply personal stories and everyday lives of families and communities struggling to survive in a Wal-Mart world. It’s an emotional journey that will challenge the way you think, feel… and shop. Learn more about the film >

If you would like to show the full-length or 20 minute version of this film at your next neighborhood association meeting, book club gathering or work brown bag, please contact us at

Good Growth DeKalb Outreach Walk to Decatur March 10

Approximately 100 adults plus kids, and dogs, joined us on this beautiful, sunny Saturday for out  outreach walk from Suburban Plaza Decatur Square to help raise awareness of the impacts a 149,000-square-foot discount store will have on our community, including the businesses in Decatur that we all love. Colorful signs, balloons and even a band made the event lively and attention-grabbing!  See the press coverage >

Rally for a Better Athens March 3

Good Growth DeKalb spoke at the People for a Better Athens rally in support of their quest to stop a 94,000-square-foot Walmart from being built by Selig Enterprises on the riverfront Armstrong-Dobbs property in historic downtown Athens. Learn more >

Good Growth DeKalb Community Forum
February 23

Almost 300 people turned out to our first community forum! Attendees asked questions and shared their vision for a great-looking and more sustainable Suburban Plaza that neighbors will want to visit for shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

Suburban Plaza could be a downtown Decatur-like area, with better parking, but could also have a walkability feature: for example, a pedestrian bridge that would both improve traffic flow, pedestrian safety and invite neighbors to walk over to shop, eat out and play. If DeKalb Co. is serious about, and I quote, “neighborhood-driven plans for future development,” and if Selig is serious about neighborhood input and cooperation, we call on both the county and on Selig to listen to and respect our input! – Louise Runyon, Medlock

Suburban Plaza, in my vision, would be a gateway to Decatur. The property would be ringed with good quality trees and actual green areas to sit. There would be safe sidewalks from all the nearby neighborhoods, churches and schools. It would be a “lifestyle” type of center and you could pursue a variety of activities. The old grocery store would have an indoor soccer arena, drawing families from all over DeKalb county. The bowling alley could stay, as well as the theater. There would be locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops and specialty stores. It would be an attractive mix of businesses that would also function as a destination.  – Jan Crofford, Glennwood Estates

Good Growth DeKalb President’s Day Rally February 20

Despite the lighter traffic on this holiday, we got a strong reception at the intersection of Desmond and Willivee in the Medlock Park neighborhood.

Good Growth DeKalb Friday Rallies January  20 & 27 and February 3 & 10

For four consecutive weekends, Good Growth DeKalb held protest rallies at the six-way intersection of Medlock Road, North Decatur Road and Scott Boulevard. Check out the newsroom to see press coverage >