Standing room only!

February 23, 2012

Almost 300 people turned out to our first community forum, despite storms earlier in the day! Attendees asked questions and shared their vision for a great-looking and more sustainable Suburban Plaza that neighbors will want to visit for shopping, dining, entertainment and more.

Suburban Plaza could be a downtown Decatur-like area, with better parking, but could also have a walkability feature: for example, a pedestrian bridge that would both improve traffic flow, pedestrian safety and invite neighbors to walk over to shop, eat out and play. If DeKalb Co. is serious about, and I quote, “neighborhood-driven plans for future development,” and if Selig is serious about neighborhood input and cooperation, we call on both the county and on Selig to listen to and respect our input! – Louise Runyon, Medlock

The crowd spilled over into the hallway

Suburban Plaza, in my vision, would be a gateway to Decatur. The property would be ringed with good quality trees and actual green areas to sit. There would be safe sidewalks from all the nearby neighborhoods, churches and schools. It would be a “lifestyle” type of center and you could pursue a variety of activities. The old grocery store would have an indoor soccer arena, drawing families from all over DeKalb county. The bowling alley could stay, as well as the theater. There would be locally-owned restaurants, coffee shops and specialty stores. It would be an attractive mix of businesses that would also function as a destination.  – Jan Crofford, Glennwood Estates

The press turned out too:

L to R: Mike Koblentz of Northwest Community Alliance, Louise Runyon of Good Growth DeKalb, Melissa Link of People for a Better Athens and Donald Stack of Stack & Associates