Help Support Walmart Workers

Now that the Walmart has opened, what’s left? What if Walmart workers knew their rights and were able to advocate for a fair workplace for themselves and their co-workers? OurWalmart, an advocacy group of Walmart employees, is on a mission to distribute information about a “Walmart Workers Rights App” to every Walmart employee in the country. Rev. David Lewicki, co-pastor of North Decatur Presbyterian Church, is planning to lead a group to share information with employees at the North Decatur Road location. If you are interested in participating, contact him at david@ndpc.org.

Sign a Petition to Save Trees

The developer Rockbridge Residential Holdings plans to build 58 houses on 17 acres of heavily wooded land in unincorporated Dekalb County, just outside the City of Avondale Estates.The developer has promised to save only 3 of the 900 trees on the property. DeKalb County’s weak tree protection ordinance results in developers clear cutting our old growth urban forests. The community, anchored by the Avondale/Rockbridge Civic Alliance (ARCA), is asking the developer to save 44 of the historic specimen trees on the property. Join their efforts to protect the trees and call for a revision of the county’s tree ordinate by signing this petition >


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For four years, Good Growth DeKalb has amplified your voice on matters that hit close to home. Help us continue work on issues that affect you and your neighbors across the county, such as annexation and cityhood, county governance reforms, and developer concessions.

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Good Growth DeKalb is taking a break from our regular meetings, but we’re still continuing our work on issues affecting people who live and work in the county, including annexation, the new Fuqua developments on North Decatur Road and Scott Boulevard, and more. Please email us for more information and to get involved.


DeKalb County government is in dire need of a mechanism to regain citizen trust.

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